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Coffee And Cups

Category: Short Stories
Published Date Written by Sartaj

A group of friends visited their old university professor. The conversation soon turned into complaints; complaints about the stress and tension in life. The professor offered them coffee and they accepted the offer. When the old professor returned, he had in his hands a tray with coffee in many different types of cups. There were glass cups, crystal ones, shiny ones, expensive ones, plain ordinary cups, and many more. After all of them had a cup in hand, the professor said,

"If you noticed; all the expensive and nice looking cups were taken, leaving behind the regular ones. Each and every one of you wanted to have the best cup; and that is the source of our stress and tension. All you really wanted, however, was the coffee, not the cup. But still, you went for the best cups. If life is coffee; then jobs, love, money, and status are just cups. They are all just tools. Tools used to hold and contain life. Don't let the cups drive you, just enjoy your coffee."

By: Moiz Imtiaz Khan

2012. All rights reserved!
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